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General Specifications

Destroyers & Frigates

Admiralen-class destroyer  [ Flag of Netherlands ] (1928)

Displacement: 1,316 tons nominal, 1,680 tons full load
Speed: 34 knots
Crew: 149
Length: 321 feet 10 inches
Beam: 31 feet 2 inches
Draft: 9 feet 9 inches
Weapons: 4 x 4.72" Bofors in single mounts, 2 x 3", 4 x 50 cal Browning machinegun, 6 x 21" torpedo tube in two triple mounts, 2 mine rails (24 mines), 4 x depth charge thrower, 12 x depth charge
Aircraft: 1 floatplane

Ships in Class

Evertsen Piet Hine Van Ghent Kortenaer
Van Galen Witte de With Banckert Van Nes

Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1944)

Displacement: 2,200 tons
Speed: 34.2 knots
Crew: 345
Length: 376 feet 6 inches
Beam: 30 feet 10 inches
Draft: 15 feet 8 inches
Weapons: 6 x 5", 12 x 40mm, 11 x 20mm, 10 x 21" torpedo tube, 6 x depth charge thrower, 2 x depth charge rack

Ships in Class

DD-692 USS Allen M. Sumner DD-693 USS Moale DD-694 USS Ingraham DD-695 USS Cooper
DD-696 USS English DD-697 USS Charles S. Sperry DD-698 USS Ault DD-699 USS Waldron
DD-700 USS Haynsworth DD-701 USS John W. Weeks DD-702 USS Hank DD-703 USS Wallace L. Lind
DD-704 USS Borie DD-705 USS Compton DD-706 USS Gainard DD-707 USS Soley
DD-708 USS Harlan R. Dickson DD-709 USS Hugh Purvis DD-722 USS Barton DD-723 USS Walke
DD-724 USS Laffey DD-725 USS O'Brien DD-726 USS Meredith DD-727 USS DeHaven
DD-728 USS Mansfield DD-729 USS Lyman K. Swenson DD-730 USS Collett DD-731 USS Maddox
DD-732 USS Hyman DD-733 USS Mannert L. Abele DD-734 USS Purdy DD-741 USS Drexler
DD-744 USS Blue DD-745 USS Brush DD-746 USS Taussig DD-747 USS Samuel N. Moore
DD-748 USS Harry E. Hubbard DD-752 USS Alfred A. Cunningham DD-753 USS John R. Pierce DD-754 USS Frank E. Evans
DD-755 USS John A. Bole DD-756 USS Beatty DD-757 USS Putnam DD-758 USS Strong
DD-759 USS Lofberg DD-760 USS John W. Thomason DD-761 USS Buck DD-762 USS Henley
DD-770 USS Lowry DD-774 USS Hugh W. Hadley DD-775 USS Willard Keith DD-776 USS James C. Owens
DD-777 USS Zellars DD-778 USS Massey DD-779 USS Douglas H. Fox DD-780 USS Stormes
DD-781 USS Robert K. Huntington DD-857 USS Bristol

Asashio-class destroyer  [ Flag of Japan - WWII ] (1937)

Displacement: 2,370 tons
Speed: 35 knots
Crew: 200
Length: 388 feet
Beam: 33 feet 11 inches
Draft: 12 feet 1 inch
Weapons: 6 x 5"/50cal DP, up to 28 x 25mm AA, up to 4 x 13mm AA, 8 x 24" torpedo tube, 36 x depth charge

Ships in Class

HIJMS Asashio HIJMS Oshio HIJMS Michishio HIJMS Arashio
HIJMS Natsugumo HIJMS Yamagumo HIJMS Minegumo HIJMS Asagumo
HIJMS Arare HIJMS Kasumi

Benham-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1939)

Displacement: 1,500 tons
Speed: 38.5 knots
Crew: 184
Length: 341 feet 3 inches
Beam: 34 feet 8 inches
Draft: 17 feet 3 inches
Weapons: 4 x 5", 4 x 50cal machinegun, 16 x 21" torpedo tube, 2 x depth charge rack

Ships in Class

DD-397 USS Benham DD-398 USS Ellet DD-399 USS Lang DD-402 USS Mayrant
DD-403 USS Trippe DD-404 USS Rhind DD-405 USS Rowan DD-406 USS Stack
DD-407 USS Sterett DD-408 USS Wilson

Benson-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1940)

Displacement: 1,620 tons
Speed: 36.5 knots
Crew: 276
Length: 348 feet 2 inches
Beam: 36 feet 1 inch
Draft: 17 feet 6 inches
Weapons: 5 x 5", 6 x 50cal machinegun, 10 x 21" torpedo tube, 2 x depth charge rack

Ships in Class

DD-421 USS Benson DD-422 USS Mayo DD-425 USS Madison DD-426 USS Lansdale
DD-427 USS Hilary P. Jones DD-428 USS Charles F. Hughes DD-459 USS Laffey DD-460 USS Woodworth
DD-491 USS Farenholt DD-492 USS Bailey DD-598 USS Bancroft DD-599 USS Barton
DD-600 USS Boyle DD-601 USS Champlin DD-602 USS Meade DD-603 USS Murphy
DD-604 USS Parker DD-605 USS Caldwell DD-606 USS Coghlan DD-607 USS Frazier
DD-608 USS Gansevoort DD-609 USS Gillespie DD-610 USS Hobby DD-611 USS Kalk
DD-612 USS Kendrick DD-613 USS Laub DD-614 USS MacKenzie DD-615 USS McLanahan
DD-616 USS Nields DD-617 USS Ordronaux

Clemson-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1919)

Displacement: 1,215 tons
Speed: 35 knots
Crew: 101
Length: 314 feet 5 inches
Beam: 31 feet 9 inches
Draft: 9 feet 10 inches
Weapons: 4 x 4", 3 x 3", 12 x 21" torpedo tube

Ships in Class

DD-186 USS Clemson DD-187 USS Dahlgren DD-188 USS Goldsborough DD-189 USS Semmes
DD-190 USS Satterlee DD-191 USS Mason DD-192 USS Graham DD-193 USS Abel P. Upshur
DD-194 USS Hunt DD-195 USS Welborn C. Wood DD-196 USS George E. Badger DD-197 USS Branch
DD-198 USS Herndon DD-199 USS Dallas DD-206 USS Chandler DD-207 USS Southard
DD-208 USS Hovey DD-209 USS Long DD-210 USS Broome DD-211 USS Alden
DD-212 USS Smith Thompson DD-213 USS Barker DD-214 USS Tracy DD-215 USS Borie
DD-216 USS John D. Edwards DD-217 USS Whipple DD-218 USS Parrott DD-219 USS Edsall
DD-220 USS MacLeish DD-221 USS Simpson DD-222 USS Bulmer DD-223 USS McCormick
DD-224 USS Stewart DD-225 USS Pope DD-226 USS Peary DD-227 USS Pillsbury
DD-228 USS John D. Ford DD-229 USS Truxtun DD-230 USS Paul Jones DD-231 USS Hatfield
DD-232 USS Brooks DD-233 USS Gilmer DD-234 USS Fox DD-235 USS Kane
DD-236 USS Humphreys DD-237 USS McFarland DD-238 USS James K. Paulding DD-239 USS Overton
DD-240 USS Sturtevant DD-241 USS Childs DD-242 USS King DD-243 USS Sands
DD-244 USS Williamson DD-245 USS Reuben James DD-246 USS Bainbridge DD-247 USS Goff
DD-248 USS Barry DD-249 USS Hopkins DD-250 USS Lawrence DD-251 USS Belknap
DD-252 USS McCook DD-253 USS McCalla DD-254 USS Rodgers DD-255 USS Osmond Ingram
DD-256 USS Bancroft DD-257 USS Welles DD-258 USS Aulick DD-259 USS Turner
DD-260 USS Gillis DD-261 USS Delphy * DD-262 USS McDermut DD-263 USS Laub
DD-264 USS McLanahan DD-265 USS Edwards DD-266 USS Greene DD-267 USS Ballard
DD-268 USS Shubrick DD-269 USS Bailey DD-270 USS Thornton DD-271 USS Morris
DD-272 USS Tingey DD-273 USS Swasey DD-274 USS Meade DD-275 USS Sinclair
DD-276 USS McCawley DD-277 USS Moody DD-278 USS Henshaw DD-279 USS Meyer
DD-280 USS Doyen DD-281 USS Sharkey DD-282 USS Toucey DD-283 USS Breck
DD-284 USS Isherwood DD-285 USS Case DD-286 USS Lardner DD-287 USS Putnam
DD-288 USS Worden DD-289 USS Flusser DD-290 USS Dale DD-291 USS Converse
DD-292 USS Reid DD-293 USS Billingsley DD-294 USS Charles Ausburn DD-295 USS Osborne
DD-296 USS Chauncey * DD-297 USS Fuller * DD-298 USS Percival * DD-299 USS John Francis Burnes
DD-300 USS Farragut * DD-301 USS Somers * DD-302 USS Stoddert * DD-303 USS Reno
DD-304 USS Farquhar DD-305 USS Thompson * DD-306 USS Kennedy * DD-307 USS Paul Hamilton *
DD-308 USS William Jones DD-309 USS Woodbury * DD-310 USS S. P. Lee * DD-311 USS Nicholas *
DD-312 USS Young * DD-313 USS Zeilin DD-314 USS Yarborough DD-315 USS La Vallette
DD-316 USS Sloat DD-317 USS Wood DD-318 USS Shirk DD-319 USS Kidder
DD-320 USS Selfridge DD-321 USS Marcus DD-322 USS Mervine DD-323 USS Chase
DD-324 USS Robert Smith DD-325 USS Mullany DD-326 USS Coghlan DD-327 USS Preston
DD-328 USS Lamson DD-329 USS Bruce DD-330 USS Hull DD-331 USS Macdonough
DD-332 USS Farenholt DD-333 USS Sumner DD-334 USS Corry DD-335 USS Melvin
DD-336 USS Litchfield DD-337 USS Zane DD-338 USS Wasmuth DD-339 USS Trever
DD-340 USS Perry DD-341 USS Decatur DD-342 USS Hulbert DD-343 USS Noa
DD-344 USS William B. Preston DD-345 USS Preble DD-346 USS Sicard DD-347 USS Pruitt

Aerial view of the disaster area, showing all seven destroyers that ran aground on Honda Point during the night of 8 September 1923. Photographed from a plane assigned to USS Aroostook (CM-3).
Ships are: USS Nicholas (DD-311), in the upper left; USS S.P. Lee (DD-310), astern of Nicholas; USS Delphy (DD-261), capsized in the left center; USS Young (DD-312), capsized in the center of the view; USS Chauncey (DD-296), upright ahead of Young; USS Woodbury (DD-309) on the rocks in the center; and USS Fuller (DD-297), in the lower center.
The Southern Pacific Railway's Honda Station is in the upper left.

Courtesy of the Naval Historical Foundation. Collection of Admiral William V. Pratt.
Note: On 8 September 1923, 14 ships of this class (marked by asterisks) were involved in the Point Honda Disaster. The ships comprised Destroyer Squadron 11, which was making a high-speed transit from San Francisco to San Diego. Approaching Santa Barbara Channel, the formation ran into thick fog. The squadron commander, Commodore Edward H. Watson, in the flagship USS Delphy, made an error in navigation and, by dead-reckoning, turned into what he thought was the channel. Unfortunately, they were still several miles north of the assumed position. First Delphy ran onto the rocks at Point Honda, followed by six of the other ships, all of which were destroyed by sinking or grounding. Two other ships sustained minor damage. Amazingly, only 23 sailors were killed in the accident.

More detailed information and photographs are available at Wikipedia  [ Wikipedia icon ] , the Naval Historical Center  [ Flag of United States ] and Haze Gray [ World Wide Web icon ] .

Additional information to identify the ships in the photo at right. From the upper left of the photo:
Nicholas, facing out from the shore and down by the stern; S. P. Lee, close to the shore and listing to port; Delphy, in the small cove, capsized and lying parallel to the shore (barely visible); Young, capsized perpendicular to the shore; Chauncy, hard ashore and down by the stern; Woodbury, on the rocks and listing to port; Fuller, on the rocks and listing to starboard.

Only minimal salvage was attempted on the wrecks and they were eventually torn apart by the surf.

Of the remaining ships of DesRon 11, Farragut and Somers touched the rocks, but escaped serious damage, remaining afloat and under control. Kennedy, Paul Hamilton, Percival, Stottart and Thompson all avoided the rocks completely.

Farragut-class guided missile frigate  [ Flag of United States ] (1960)

Displacement: 5,368 tons
Speed: 30 knots
Crew: 377
Length: 512 feet
Beam: 52 feet
Draft: 16 feet 7 inches
Weapons: 1 x Mk13 Terrier surface-to-air missile launcher, 1 x 5", 1 x ASROC launcher, 6 x 12.8" torpedo tube

Ships in Class

DLG-6/DDG-37 USS Farragut DDG-38 USS Luce DDG-39 USS Macdonough DDG-40 USS Coontz*
DDG-41 USS King DDG-42 USS Mahan DDG-43 USS Dahlgren DDG-44 USS William V. Pratt
DDG-45 USS Dewey DDG-46 USS Preble
* Since Coontz was commissioned 15 July 1960, before Farragut on 10 December 1960, this class is occasionally referred to as Coontz-class.

Fletcher-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1942)

Displacement: 2,100 tons
Speed: 36 knots
Crew: 273
Length: 376 feet 3 inches
Beam: 39 feet 8 inches
Draft: 13 feet
Weapons: 5 x 5", 10 x 21" torpedo tube, 6 x depth charge thrower, 2 x depth charge rack

Ships in Class

DD-445 USS Fletcher DD-446 USS Radford DD-447 USS Jenkins DD-448 USS La Vallette
DD-449 USS Nicholas DD-450 USS O'Bannon DD-451 USS Chevalier DD-465 USS Saufley
DD-466 USS Waller DD-467 USS Strong DD-468 USS Taylor DD-469 USS De Haven
DD-470 USS Bache DD-471 USS Beale DD-472 USS Guest DD-473 USS Bennett
DD-474 USS Fullam DD-475 USS Hudson DD-476 USS Hutchins DD-477 USS Pringle
DD-478 USS Stanly DD-479 USS Stevens DD-480 USS Halford DD-481 USS Leutze
DD-498 USS Philip DD-499 USS Renshaw DD-500 USS Ringgold DD-501 USS Schroeder
DD-502 USS Sigsbee DD-507 USS Conway DD-508 USS Cony DD-509 USS Converse
DD-510 USS Eaton DD-511 USS Foote DD-512 USS Spence DD-513 USS Terry
DD-514 USS Thatcher DD-515 USS Anthony DD-516 USS Wadsworth DD-517 USS Walker
DD-518 USS Brownson DD-519 USS Daly DD-520 USS Isherwood DD-521 USS Kimberly
DD-522 USS Luce DD-526 USS Abner Read DD-527 USS Ammen DD-528 USS Mullany
DD-529 USS Bush DD-530 USS Trathen DD-531 USS Hazelwood DD-532 USS Heermann
DD-533 USS Hoel DD-534 USS McCord DD-535 USS Miller DD-536 USS Owen
DD-537 USS The Sullivans DD-538 USS Stephen Potter DD-539 USS Tingey DD-540 USS Twining
DD-541 USS Yarnall DD-544 USS Boyd DD-545 USS Bradford DD-546 USS Brown
DD-547 USS Cowell DD-550 USS Capps DD-551 USS David W. Taylor DD-552 USS Evans
DD-553 USS John D. Henley DD-554 USS Franks DD-555 USS Haggard DD-556 USS Hailey
DD-557 USS Johnston DD-558 USS Laws DD-559 USS Longshaw DD-560 USS Morrison
DD-561 USS Prichett DD-562 USS Robinson DD-563 USS Ross DD-564 USS Rowe
DD-565 USS Smalley DD-566 USS Stoddard DD-567 USS Watts DD-568 USS Wren
DD-569 USS Aulick DD-570 USS Charles Ausburne DD-571 USS Claxton DD-572 USS Dyson
DD-573 USS Harrison DD-574 USS John Rodgers DD-575 USS McKee DD-576 USS Murray
DD-577 USS Sproston DD-578 USS Wickes DD-579 USS William D. Porter DD-580 USS Young
DD-581 USS Charrette DD-582 USS Conner DD-583 USS Hall DD-584 USS Halligan
DD-585 USS Haraden DD-586 USS Newcomb DD-587 USS Bell DD-588 USS Burns
DD-589 USS Izard DD-590 USS Paul Hamilton DD-591 USS Twiggs DD-592 USS Howorth
DD-593 USS Killen DD-594 USS Hart DD-595 USS Metcalf DD-596 USS Shields
DD-597 USS Wiley DD-629 USS Abbot DD-630 USS Braine DD-631 USS Erben
DD-642 USS Hale DD-643 USS Sigourney DD-644 USS Stembel DD-649 USS Albert W. Grant
DD-650 USS Caperton DD-651 USS Cogswell DD-652 USS Ingersoll DD-653 USS Knapp
DD-654 USS Bearss DD-655 USS John Hood DD-656 USS Van Valkenburgh DD-657 USS Charles J. Badger
DD-658 USS Colahan DD-659 USS Dashiell DD-660 USS Bullard DD-661 USS Kidd
DD-662 USS Bennion DD-663 USS Heywood L. Edwards DD-664 USS Richard P. Leary DD-665 USS Bryant
DD-666 USS Black DD-667 USS Chauncey DD-668 USS Clarence K. Bronson DD-669 USS Cotten
DD-670 USS Dortch DD-671 USS Gatling DD-672 USS Healy DD-673 USS Hickox
DD-674 USS Hunt DD-675 USS Lewis Hancock DD-676 USS Marshall DD-677 USS McDermut
DD-678 USS McGowan DD-679 USS McNair DD-680 USS Melvin DD-681 USS Hopewell
DD-682 USS Porterfield DD-683 USS Stockham DD-684 USS Wedderburn DD-685 USS Picking
DD-686 USS Halsey Powell DD-687 USS Uhlmann DD-688 USS Remey DD-689 USS Wadleigh
DD-690 USS Norman Scott DD-691 USS Mertz DD-792 USS Callaghan DD-793 USS Cassin Young
DD-794 USS Irwin DD-795 USS Preston DD-796 USS Benham DD-797 USS Cushing
DD-798 USS Monssen DD-799 USS Jarvis DD-800 USS Porter DD-801 USS Colhoun
DD-802 USS Gregory DD-803 USS Little DD-804 USS Rooks

Fubuki-class destroyer  [ Flag of Japan - WWII ] (1928)

Displacement: 2,090 tons
Speed: 38 knots
Crew: 197
Length: 378 feet 3 inches
Beam: 34 feet
Draft: 10 feet 6 inches
Weapons: 6 x 5"/50cal DP, up to 22 x 25mm AA, up to 10 x 13mm AA, 9 x 24" torpedo tube, 36 x depth charge

Ships in Class

HIJMS Fubuki HIJMS Shirayuki HIJMS Hatsuyuki HIJMS Murakumo
HIJMS Shinonome HIJMS Usugumo HIJMS Shirakumo HIJMS Isonami
HIJMS Uranami HIJMS Ayanami HIJMS Shikinami HIJMS Asagiri
HIJMS Yugiri HIJMS Amagiri HIJMS Sagiri HIJMS Oboro
HIJMS Akebono HIJMS Sazanami HIJMS Ushio

Gearing-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1945)

Displacement: 2,425 tons
Speed: 34.6 knots
Crew: 345
Length: 390 feet 6 inches
Beam: 40 feet 10 inches
Draft: 18 feet 6 inches
Weapons: 6 x 5", 12 x 40mm, 2 x 21" torpedo tube, 6 x depth charge thrower, 2 x depth charge rack

Ships in Class

DD-710 USS Gearing DD-711 USS Eugene A. Greene DD-712 USS Gyatt DD-713 USS Kenneth D. Bailey
DD-714 USS William R. Rush DD-715 USS William M. Wood DD-716 USS Wiltsie DD-717 USS Theodore E. Chandler
DD-718 USS Hamner DD-719 USS Epperson DD-742 USS Frank Knox DD-743 USS Southerland
DD-763 USS William C. Lawe DD-764 USS Lloyd Thomas DD-765 USS Keppler DD-766 USS Lansdale
DD-767 USS Seymour D. Owens DD-782 USS Rowan DD-783 USS Gurke DD-784 USS McKean
DD-785 USS Henderson DD-786 USS Richard B. Anderson DD-787 USS James E. Kyes DD-788 USS Hollister
DD-789 USS Eversole DD-790 USS Shelton DD-791 USS Seaman DD-805 USS Chevalier
DD-806 USS Higbee DD-807 USS Benner DD-808 USS Dennis J. Buckley DD-817 USS Corry
DD-818 USS New DD-819 USS Holder DD-820 USS Rich DD-821 USS Johnston
DD-822 USS Robert H. McCard DD-823 USS Samuel B. Roberts DD-824 USS Basilone DD-825 USS Carpenter
DD-826 USS Agerholm DD-827 USS Robert A. Owens DD-828 USS Timmerman DD-829 USS Myles C. Fox
DD-830 USS Everett F. Larson DD-831 USS Goodrich DD-832 USS Hanson DD-833 USS Herbert J. Thomas
DD-834 USS Turner DD-835 USS Charles P. Cecil DD-836 USS George K. MacKenzie DD-837 USS Sarsfield
DD-838 USS Ernest G. Small DD-839 USS Power DD-840 USS Glennon DD-841 USS Noa
DD-842 USS Fiske DD-843 USS Warrington DD-844 USS Perry DD-845 USS Bausell
DD-846 USS Ozbourn DD-847 USS Robert L. Wilson DD-848 USS Witek DD-849 USS Richard E. Kraus
DD-850 USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. DD-851 USS Rupertus DD-852 USS Leonard F. Mason DD-853 USS Charles H. Roan
DD-858 USS Fred T. Berry DD-859 USS Norris DD-860 USS McCaffery DD-861 USS Harwood
DD-862 USS Vogelgesang DD-863 USS Steinaker DD-864 USS Harold J. Ellison DD-865 USS Charles R. Ware
DD-866 USS Cone DD-867 USS Stribling DD-868 USS Brownson DD-869 USS Arnold J. Isbell
DD-870 USS Fechteler DD-871 USS Damato DD-872 USS Forrest Royal DD-873 USS Hawkins
DD-874 USS Duncan DD-875 USS Henry W. Tucker DD-876 USS Rogers DD-877 USS Perkins
DD-878 USS Vesole DD-879 USS Leary DD-880 USS Dyess DD-881 USS Bordelon
DD-882 USS Furse DD-883 USS Newman K. Perry DD-884 USS Floyd B. Parks DD-885 USS John R. Craig
DD-886 USS Orleck DD-887 USS Brinkley Bass DD-888 USS Stickell DD-889 USS O'Hare
DD-890 USS Meredith

Gleaves-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1940)

Displacement: 1,630 tons
Speed: 37 knots
Crew: 276
Length: 348 feet 4 inches
Beam: 36 feet 1 inch
Draft: 13 feet 6 inches
Weapons: 4 x 5"

Ships in Class

DD-423 USS Gleaves DD-424 USS Niblack DD-429 USS Livermore DD-430 USS Eberle
DD-431 USS Plunkett DD-432 USS Kearny DD-433 USS Gwin DD-434 USS Meredith
DD-435 USS Grayson DD-436 USS Monssen DD-437 USS Woolsey DD-438 USS Ludlow
DD-439 USS Edison DD-440 USS Ericsson DD-441 USS Wilkes DD-442 USS Nicholson
DD-443 USS Swanson DD-444 USS Ingraham DD-453 USS Bristol DD-454 USS Ellyson
DD-455 USS Hambleton DD-456 USS Rodman DD-457 USS Emmons DD-458 USS Macomb
DD-461 USS Forrest DD-462 USS Fitch DD-463 USS Corry DD-464 USS Hobson
DD-483 USS Aaron Ward DD-484 USS Buchanan DD-485 USS Duncan DD-486 USS Lansdowne
DD-487 USS Lardner DD-488 USS McCalla DD-489 USS Mervine DD-490 USS Quick
DD-493 USS Carmick DD-494 USS Doyle DD-495 USS Endicott DD-496 USS McCook
DD-497 USS Frankford DD-618 USS Davison DD-619 USS Edwards DD-620 USS Glennon
DD-621 USS Jeffers DD-622 USS Maddox DD-623 USS Nelson DD-624 USS Baldwin
DD-625 USS Harding DD-626 USS Satterlee DD-627 USS Thompson DD-628 USS Welles
DD-632 USS Cowie DD-633 USS Knight DD-634 USS Doran DD-635 USS Earle
DD-636 USS Butler DD-637 USS Gherardi DD-638 USS Herndon DD-639 USS Shubrick
DD-640 USS Beatty DD-641 USS Tillman DD-645 USS Stevenson DD-646 USS Stockton
DD-647 USS Thorn DD-648 USS Turner

Gridley-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1937)

Displacement: 1,850 tons
Speed: 40 knots
Crew: 158
Length: 341 feet 5 inches
Beam: 35 feet 6 inches
Draft: 10 feet 4 inches
Weapons: 4 x 5", 16 x 21" torpedo tube

Ships in Class

DD-380 USS Gridley DD-382 USS Craven DD-386 USS Bagley DD-387 USS Blue
DD-388 USS Helm DD-389 USS Mugford DD-390 USS Ralph Talbot DD-391 USS Henley
DD-392 USS Patterson DD-393 USS Jarvis DD-400 USS McCall DD-401 USS Maury
Some sources split this class into "Gridley" (Gridley, Craven, McCall, Maury) and "Bagley" (Bagley, Blue, Helm, Mugford, Ralph Talbot, Henley, Patterson, Jarvis) classes. The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships - U.S. Naval Historical Center website lists all twelve ships as Gridley-class.

Kagero-class destroyer  [ Flag of Japan - WWII ] (1939)

Displacement: 2,490 tons
Speed: 35 knots
Crew: 240
Length: 388 feet 9 inches
Beam: 35 feet 5 inches
Draft: 12 feet 4 inches
Weapons: 6 x 5" 50cal dual-purpose, up to 28 x 25mm anti-aircraft, up to 4 x 13mm AA, 8 x 24" torpedo tube, 36 x depth charge

Ships in Class

HIJMS Kagero HIJMS Kuroshio HIJMS Oyashio HIJMS Hatsukaze
HIJMS Natsushio HIJMS Yukikaze HIJMS Hayashio HIJMS Maikaze
HIJMS Isokaze HIJMS Shiranuhi HIJMS Amatsukaze HIJMS Tokitsukaze
HIJMS Urakaze HIJMS Hamakaze HIJMS Nowaki HIJMS Arashi
HIJMS Hagikaze HIJMS Tanikaze HIJMS Akigumo

Porter-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1936)

Displacement: 1,850 tons
Speed: 35 knots
Crew: 238
Length: 381 feet
Beam: 36 feet 2 inches
Draft: 10 feet 5 inches
Weapons: 8 x 5", 8 x 40mm, 8 x 21" torpedo tube, 2 x depth charge rack

Ships in Class

DD-356 USS Porter DD-357 USS Selfridge DD-358 USS McDougal DD-359 USS Winslow
DD-360 USS Phelps DD-361 USS Clark DD-362 USS Moffett DD-363 USS Balch

Shimakaze-class destroyer  [ Flag of Japan - WWII ] (1943)

Displacement: 3,048 tons
Speed: 39 knots
Crew: 267
Length: 413 feet 4 inches
Beam: 36 feet 9 inches
Draft: 13 feet 7 inches
Weapons: 6 x 5"/50cal dual-purpose in three dual turrets, 4 x 25mm anti-aircraft, up to 4 x 13mm AA, 15 x 24" torpedo tube, 2 x depth charge thrower, 18 x depth charge

Ships in Class

HIJMS Shimakaze

Sims-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1939)

Displacement: 1,570 tons
Speed: 35+ knots
Crew: 241
Length: 348 feet 2 inches
Beam: 35 feet 4 inches
Draft: 9 feet 11 inches
Weapons: 4 x 5", 8 x 21" torpedo tube

Ships in Class

DD-409 USS Sims DD-410 USS Hughes DD-411 USS Anderson DD-412 USS Hammann
DD-413 USS Mustin DD-414 USS Russell DD-415 USS O'Brien DD-416 USS Walke
DD-417 USS Morris DD-418 USS Roe DD-419 USS Wainwright DD-420 USS Buck

Somers-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1937)

Displacement: 1,850 tons
Speed: 39 knots
Crew: 294
Length: 381 feet
Beam: 36 feet 11 inches
Draft: 18 feet
Weapons: 8 x 5", 8 x 1.1", 12 x torpedo tube

Ships in Class

DD-381 USS Somers DD-383 USS Warrington DD-394 USS Sampson DD-395 USS Davis
DD-396 USS Jouett

Wickes-class destroyer  [ Flag of United States ] (1918)

Displacement: 1,247 tons full load
Speed: 35.24 knots
Crew: 100
Length: 314 feet 4.5 inches
Beam: 30 feet 11.25 inches
Draft: 9 feet (mean)
Weapons: 4 x 4", 2 x 1pdr, 12 x 21" torpedo tube, 2 x depth charge rack

Ships in Class

DD-75 USS Wickes DD-76 USS Philip DD-77 USS Woolsey DD-78 USS Evans
DD-79 USS Little DD-80 USS Kimberly DD-81 USS Sigourney DD-82 USS Gregory
DD-83 USS Stringham DD-84 USS Dyer DD-85 USS Colhoun DD-86 USS Stevens
DD-87 USS McKee DD-88 USS Robinson DD-89 USS Ringgold DD-90 USS McKean
DD-91 USS Harding DD-92 USS Gridley DD-93 USS Fairfax DD-94 USS Taylor
DD-95 USS Bell DD-96 USS Stribling DD-97 USS Murray DD-98 USS Israel
DD-99 USS Luce DD-100 USS Maury DD-101 USS Lansdale DD-102 USS Mahan
DD-103 USS Schley DD-104 USS Champlin DD-105 USS Mugford DD-106 USS Chew
DD-107 USS Hazelwood DD-108 USS Williams DD-109 USS Crane DD-110 USS Hart
DD-111 USS Ingraham DD-112 USS Ludlow DD-113 USS Rathburne DD-114 USS Talbot
DD-115 USS Waters DD-116 USS Dent DD-117 USS Dorsey DD-118 USS Lea
DD-119 USS Lamberton DD-120 USS Radford DD-121 USS Montgomery DD-122 USS Breese
DD-123 USS Gamble DD-124 USS Ramsay DD-125 USS Tattnall DD-126 USS Badger
DD-127 USS Twiggs DD-128 USS Babbitt DD-129 USS DeLong DD-130 USS Jacob Jones
DD-131 USS Buchanan DD-132 USS Aaron Ward DD-133 USS Hale DD-134 USS Crowninshield
DD-135 USS Tillman DD-136 USS Boggs DD-137 USS Kilty DD-138 USS Kennison
DD-139 USS Ward DD-140 USS Claxton DD-141 USS Hamilton DD-142 USS Tarbell
DD-143 USS Yarnall DD-144 USS Upshur DD-145 USS Greer DD-146 USS Elliot
DD-147 USS Roper DD-148 USS Breckinridge DD-149 USS Barney DD-150 USS Blakeley
DD-151 USS Biddle DD-152 USS Du Pont DD-153 USS Bernadou DD-154 USS Ellis
DD-155 USS Cole DD-156 USS J. Fred Talbott DD-157 USS Dickerson DD-158 USS Leary
DD-159 USS Schenck DD-160 USS Herbert DD-161 USS Palmer DD-162 USS Thatcher
DD-163 USS Walker DD-164 USS Crosby DD-165 USS Meredith DD-166 USS Bush
DD-167 USS Cowell DD-168 USS Maddox DD-169 USS Foote DD-170 USS Kalk
DD-171 USS Burns DD-172 USS Anthony DD-173 USS Sproston DD-174 USS Rizal
DD-175 USS MacKenzie DD-176 USS Renshaw DD-177 USS O'Bannon DD-178 USS Hogan
DD-179 USS Howard DD-180 USS Stansbury DD-181 USS Hopewell DD-182 USS Thomas
DD-183 USS Haraden DD-184 USS Abbot DD-185 USS Bagley

Yugumo-class destroyer  [ Flag of Japan - WWII ] (1941)

Length: 390 feet 11 inches
Beam: 35 feet 5 inches
Draft: 12 feet 4 inches
Length: feet inches
Beam: feet inch
Draft: feet inch
Weapons: 6 x 5" 50cal dual-purpose, up to 28 x 25mm anti-aircraft, up to 4 x 13mm AA, 8 x 24" torpedo tube, 36 x depth charge

Ships in Class

HIJMS Yugumo HIJMS Kazagumo HIJMS Makigumo HIJMS Makinami
HIJMS Takanami HIJMS Naganami HIJMS Tamanami HIJMS Suzunami
HIJMS Onami HIJMS Fujinami HIJMS Kishinami HIJMS Hayanami
HIJMS Kiyonami HIJMS Okinami HIJMS Hamanami HIJMS Asashimo
HIJMS Kiyoshimo HIJMS Hayashimo HIJMS Akishimo