28th District of Texas 
My Solution to Immigration problem. Page 1 of 2.
Note: Paths to US Citizen require that all Speak and Write English.

1. First Close the American borders with Fencing, Sensors, Satellite Surveillance, Predator Aircraft, and with patrols. Anyone who shoots or attacks a law enforcement officer has the right to be taken with any force needed to stop him. No officer should have to worry about going to jail for stopping people at the border. Note: No Predator/Unmanned Aircraft should be used within the USA on US Citizens. To be used only on our US Borders.
2. All USA States are allowed to enforce immigration laws and process illegal personal back to their country of origin or qualify them for a path of getting a green card depending on the law at that time.
3. Allow all American to move freely back and forth to the border with any type of Government ID Card (Drivers License, DAV card, Passport Card, Collage ID, US Military Card etc...)
4. Anyone who wants to leave the USA should have the right to leave as long there is an ID taken like finger prints or DNA to ID them should they return back to the USA.
5. Any US Naturalized Citizen or Illegal National who commits above a misdemeanor crime should be sent back to their country of origin after serving there time.
6. After the Borders are secured, I support the idea of legalizing those who have been in the USA illegally for more than 15 years and are in good standing, not causing any problems, getting in trouble with the law, etc; they should be allowed legal residence in increments of ten years. After they have there US Citizenship then a process should be in place so they can bring their Families to the USA.
7. Any one who wants Food Stamp, WIC program, Medicare, or Medicaid must have some type of ID. Should they found to be Illegally here in US then Temporary Assistance should be given to help them and process them back to there country of Origin or issue them a green card per law.