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Note: Paths to US Citizen require that all Speak and Write English.

8. Any Child who dose not have a USA Birth Certificate should be investigated if found to be illegally here in USA then processed with their Family back to their country of Origin or issue them a green card/Birth Certificate per law.
9. Immigration ID Cards should be given to those who qualify for jobs that No American citizen wants to do and fill in shortages for jobs where there are not enough qualified people to work at in USA. These people must return out of the USA once there work is completed. A process for US Citizenship should be in place so they can stay after some time of working in the USA.
10. Anyone who gets a BS, Master, or Doctors Degree and has a job offer or wants to start his own business should be offered a Green Card.
11. Anyone who invests more than $500,000.00 with A US Small Business Company should be issued a green card as long as they pass a background and security check.
12. Anyone who serves in the Armed Forces (US Military) for more than two years and is honorably discharged should be given US Citizenship. Note: This assumes the term of enlistment is 2 years.
God Bless!!
William R. Hayward



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