28th District of Texas 
                                                The Issues:

1. I support the idea of going back to the initial intent of the US Constitution; Less government at the federal level. Don't spend more than what comes in. Balance the US Budget. Separation of Church and State but with clear understanding that this country was founded under the belief that this country is aligned with God. God should not be eliminated from any existing oaths and inscriptions that have been part of this country since its creation.

2. I support the idea of pro-life and only choice when the expectant's mother life is in danger and only when it is the mother's choice.

3. I support a flat tax rate. Repeal the 2012/13 tax increases and remove the Death Tax.

4. I support the idea that all elected government officials should accept a 15 percent salary cut and that the maximum pension for any outgoing elected official should not be more than 75% of his or her in office salary. If the private sector is cutting back on raises and bonuses, salaries,, etc,, then public servants should also follow along with the private sector.

5. I support caps on election campaigns. A candidate should not be able to buy his or her way into public office.

6. I support the right to own and bear arms. If you commit a crime with a fire arm then you lose the right to bear arms. Remove all gun laws for misdemeanor crimes which there was not a fire arm used.

7. Children over the age of 16 should be allowed to work on farms,, any farms with a work permit children of any age should be allowed to work on their family farms, at the discretion of the child's parents.

 8. I do not support same sex marriages. However I do not feel that government should interfere in how two consenting adults should live.,, so long as it stays within the compounds of their home. At the same time no affection by same sex partners should be on public display.

9. I do not agree that government should fund birth control or even worse,, government should not provide for abortion practices.