28th District of Texas 
10. I am for repealing Obama Care. Medicaid and Medicare should go back to the states not controlled by the Federal Government. It is a states matter. Return the 500 Billion dollars that Obama took out from Medicaid and Medicare for Obama Care.

11. I support the idea of improving our education system but at the state level. States should take responsibility for education of children. Remove the DOE at the Federal level and let the states set education at the County level.

12. I am against bailouts. When a business goes under for whatever reason, then it is part of the free market system. Use Bankruptcy Law to settle business goes under.

13 I support the idea of becoming energy independent; within five year period by opening more oil refineries, more drilling, not exporting any fuel to there countries until the US Market has all the fuel it needs, flood US Oil Market with oil and Natural Gas, reduce all importing with 30 years to the point that we are exporting fuel to other countries, and not importing any oil and or natural gas from anywhere,. Remove the control of oil prices from gambling and speculation. I am for the Keystone pipeline project.

14. I support securing the borders,, north and south then passing reformed immigration law to make easy for people to come to the USA.

  1. After the Borders are secured, I support the idea of legalizing those who have been in the USA illegally for more than 15 years and are in good standing, not causing any problems,, getting in trouble with the law, ,etc,, they should be allowed legal residence in increments of ten years.
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