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The following Computer Wizards have kindly volunteered to share their wisdom with you.

Basic e-mail classes: Contact Frank Bollinger at or 262-1020 for more information.

Ron Hetzler at or 262-0456 will assist 'newbies', beginning PC users, basic knowledge of WORD, EXCEL, e-mail and address book use.

Introduction to Computers and Word Processing: This class is structured for people who want to use their computers to simplify their life. Please contact Lorene Akins at 262-0046 or for more information.

Intermediate: Contact Rich Bolstad at or 262-0034 for more information on intermediate classes working with Word and e-mail. He will be scheduling classes according to your needs.

Roger Larr at or 262-0530 offers help in XP, use, optimizing, general computer help, non-hardware problems.

Advanced: Specialty graphic programs such as PhotoShop and PowerPoint. Contact Randy Hatcher at 262-0622 or if you are interested.

Mac Users: Wesson Gaige at or 262-0945 is a Mac user and will be glad to help the same.

Denton Community Network: Classes held at the North Library in Denton. Click here for more information.

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