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Front Porch Addition in Allandale CotY Award 2010 National winner Entire House $250,000 to $500,000 
   3701 Basford Rd. Austin, TX 78722 512-220-8891

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As in all artful endeavors, it is the blending of disparate elements into a unified, expressive piece, which produces the most satisfying results.

Our solutions to design challenges balance the need for shelter and privacy with the desire to be connected with the outside world and community.  We start by looking at your property from a Permaculture perspective, as a part of the natural world. Careful observation of the flows of a property (water, sun/shade, views, air, etc.) and attention to natural patterns allow us to find ethical, soulful, and sustainable solutions that meet your needs while respecting the earth and all it's inhabitants.  Our methods seek to preserve biological resources, nuture wildlife, catch and store water and energy, and allow for local food production.  This can be done in the urban environment by designing systems of kitchens, screen porches, compost, and gardens which are properlly oriented to the property.

We practice the art of workmanship, which values the visual richness of hand-crafted compositions.

Properly scaled elements will be inherently pleasing to the human eye.  The "Golden Proportions" passed down from the Greeks, work as well today as when the were used to design the Parthenon.  They were aware that the eye can be influenced most by what it detects the least.

The more we feel the connection between these patterns, ethics, aesthetics, and principles, the richer and more rewarding is our work.

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 Bracket, Fascia, Ridge Cap Detail 150x200
 For Your Home in the Natural World