28th District of Texas 
 Job, Jobs, Jobs
1. Get rid of Obama Care. It is alo ruled by the courts as a High TAX!!
2. Lower taxes.
3. Remove Counter- productive regulations.
4. Push For Small Federal Gov.
5. Save Social Security and Medicare.
6. Restructure Immigration Laws.
  1. Improve Use of Water of the Rio Grande Valley (crops, industry, fruit trees)
8. Tourism for Texas.
9. Reduce Gas prices.

 God Given Rights
1. Marriage of man and Woman only.
2. Right for all life for all.
3. American Freedom and Texas Sovereignty.
  1. Our Home is our Castle (defend it, bear arms, personal property, and privacy)
5. Freedom of; Choice, Schools, Jobs, Religion.

6. Right to worship God anywhere (schools, job, City, State Gov. etc.)
US Constitution Law
1. Congress to see all branches of Gov.en- forces Laws of the US Constitution.
2. Control Marxist/ Socialist Judges by impeachment and appointments.
3. Enforce Texas District Citizens directions/will.
4.Term limits for service.
5.No Gov. Money Bale Outs.