28th District of Texas 
                                         NEWS, NEWS, NEWS

Repeal Obama Care!! The courts rule that it is a TAX.
We must get rid of Obama Care!!!
Obama Care is now a HIGH TAX OVER $2T Dollars.
No US Military and no more Medicare due to loss of $500 Billion Dollars each. This will destroy our Economy with a great loss of Jobs!!
This TAX will destroy our small business!!
Elect me as your new Congressman!!
Send me Donations so I can win the 28th District of Texas.

           Congress is by-passed by Obama, Hail to King Obama!!!
  1. Obama Care is now ruled as a High IRS TAX over $1T, we need to repeal it!!
  2. Obama uses Presidential order to by-pass Congress on immigration laws,
3. Obama declares war on the church.
  1. Obama has appointed 4-officals to his administration without Congress approval,
  2. Obama refused to enforce marriage law
6. Obama reduce military size.
7. Oboma Supports Gay Marriage.
8. Obama vetoed Canada Oil Pipeline to Texas with loss Jobs and Higher Gas Prices on the rise.
9. Obama takes our Social Security (SS) money by tax holiday and gives it away. SS tax belongs to our retired people who have worked hard in the past and were promised a retired income.
10. President Obama has by-passed Congress again on Welfare Reform no Job requirement by redefining what work is.

                                     What is Going ON?
The Democratic Party is now the Communist/Fascism Party set out to:
1. Destroy The Country.
2. Destroy/Control the churches.
3. They Blame the Republicans.
4. By- pass Congress Laws.
5. Stand against the principles the country was founded on; Trust in GOD.
7. Pass Immoral Laws.
8. Take over Banks.
9. Take over Energy.
10. Increase Taxes.
11. Get control of our military Forces.
Please elect an all new congress that will see that the letter of the law; the law of the land, the US Constitution is enforced.