William R. Hayward Candidate US Congress

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"William Hayward for Congress"

ACH ABA: "113000023"
Bank Account Number: "58602879033";

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609 Oak Meadows
San Marcos, TX 78666
Bank: Bank Of America;
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William Hayward for Congress;
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Wire Incoming ABA: 026009593;
Bank Account Number: 586028793033 ;

Note: This is in San Marcos/ Austin, TX USA Use Option No. 4; at Ph: 512-353-5857 Texas, USA
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 Campaign Donations received will be used for campaign to elect Republican Candidate William R. Hayward to the US Congress for a Texas 28th District such as expenses- cost/fees (food, travel, Lodging, office/supplies, Advertizing, Meetings, Campaign sites, etc.) Contributions are not tax deductible .
Credit Card Private Policy
You can contribute to my campaign any $5, $10, etc., up to $2,500.00 for each member of the family or company. Credit Fees will be deducted before being used for the Campaign. Any refund requests will require a return fee set by the Credit Card Company and Card processing company.
Credit Card Private Policy
Credit Card information is kept Private, safe with us, and only who and how much was given toward the Campaign will be record. Federal law requires that the Campaign record the Amount sent with Name and Address of the contributor. Contributions are not tax deductible .
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