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The van Doorn Castle at Doornenberg, Holland

Doorn Castle 1

Doorn Casle 2

The defenses in the lowlands of Holland were minimal, so the only protection was a Keep as shown by this example.  This castle was built with a full moat that could only be crossed by a wooden bridge.

Built around 1420 A.D. by the High Sheriff. Honeymen in his work "The Van Doren Family in Holland and America" stated that the Van Doorn's held that post from after the Crusades in 1200 A.D. for more than 350 years.


Doorn Castle 4    

More on Pieter Van Doorn at Niew Amsterdam:

1644 Dutch Map Drawing

A 1647 drawing in pen and ink on a Dutch Map of a "White 
Whale Fish" off the shore of Fort Orange. 200 years before "Moby Dick" !!!
Ft. Orange when turned over to the British in 1664 became Albany in the new
State of New York.  The Great Waters that the great white whale travels in, is actually the  
Hudson River.!!

Historical Note:   Peiter Van Doorn first arrived in Niew Amsterdam with his wife Catherine Stelting and son Christiansen. around 1640.  By 1675 Christiansen was listed as a Skipper of a ship which traveled up the Hudson with goods from New York.  Christiansen would in return take furs, lumber and produce back down the river to the port of New York .  These goods were eagerly purchased by merchants and placed on waiting ships bound for England or other ports.  As you can imagine, business was brisk.  Perhaps our gr....grt...grandfather would encourage the illustrations above that might keep down competition on the Hudson River, or at least keep the price of his goods somewhat "inflated".

Christiansen Pieterssen Van Doorn :  Christiansen was born about 1635 probably at Gravezande, South Holland, married 28 Oct 1657 At New Amsterdam, Tryntje Shubber.  By 1662 he was living in Bergen, N.J. and was in Albany, N.Y. in 1674. He has been described as a skipper at Albany, however, was not actually living there.  Also in 1674 he possessed "third class" property on Stone Street, between Broad and Whitehall Sts. in New York City.  There is no record of him after 1685 and it is assumed he died before then.

!640 Map of the Northern Regions of the New World.  Nova Francis (New France) or Canada and Nova Scotia are all the way in the upper right.  England has claim to most of the upper Atlantic Coast coming down to a notable Cape Cod. From there to almost the Chesapeake is claimed by the Dutch, including New York and New Jersey.

A view of Niew Amsterdam (New York) that our ancestors would have seen coming into port viewing Manhattan Island from the East River.  The Hudson River would lie to the back of these buildings.  The largest building was the residence of  Peter Stuyvesant.  The large building to the left was the offices of the West India Trading Company.   For Greater Detail go to the 1660 map at the Virtual New Amsterdam Project   

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