Our First Internet Family Photo Page

Created years ago just for fun, it served it's purpose to embarrass some family members,
such as Donna Van Doren, Susan Peters Mattern, Joannie Miller Jones and of course Kevin Miller.
It was amazing that by posting our old photos on this marvelous new invention called the internet,
 millions of people  could  easily share a part of our lives  .......

     To start with this is me, mom, Donna and Dad in 1956,
    while visiting at Uncle Joe's and Aunt Gertrudes on Christmas
In Metuchen, New Jersey

In this one, dad, Lloyd Van Doren in enjoying one of his favorite pastimes,
hunting on the freezing N.J. salt marsh for duck and geese.

 Mom as a Bobby Soxer                 Mom with new Baby Donna !                        Me and mom
with the deaf, dumb and blind girl,
a real pinball  wizard  !!
(only a minor eye problem, that was quickly corrected)

On the farm; Pecking order... 1. Donna 2. Cat 3. me    This is me and my best cousin Susan Peters Mattern
     at our German grandparents farm in Griggstown,
                                New Jersey



Chris w/ parents Capt. Ken Miller and Helen Covell Miller             Chris w/ baby brother Kevin

Chris taking Eagle out for a spin, with Joanie and Kevin hangin on...


Chrissy and Joannie w/ their Dolls                Teen Joanie off on a date.... 
Belzebub and the cute little blonde girl      away from Chris's bad influence

and of Course ........................................


Kevin  all growed  up  !!

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