Amanda, Adam, Sarah and Ben
Happy Baby Amanda
Amanda and Adam Duet !!
Sarah & Amanda w/ Ben 
Adam, little Sarah & Amanda
2 Brothers, Adam & Ben
Adam Learning Construction
         Sarah, Smiles and Curls !
Ben Finds Mickey !
           Amanda First Grade
           Adam can Smile Too !
      Sarah's Trademark Hair 
......and the East Coast and West Coast Kids, Lee and Russell:
Lee in Port Mercer, N.J.
Lee as a Scout
Lee watches TV
Russell, 2yrs Old
Russell with Sam the Cat
Russell in Lewisville, Texas
Lee, Amanda & Russell
Lee & Russell launch a Rocket !
A long day for all !!
All Together !
Well, Did They Change ??
          Amanda at 18         Sarah at 16 & Ben at 15      Adam at  20
                            Lee in 1999 !           Russell in 2000 !


We Don't Think So !!!