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" A Morning Dance Over Dark Water"-24x30"- Acrylic on Linen





The painting "Time or Crawling Toward the Millennium" was selected as one of the five winning entries in the American portion of the Winsor & Newton World Wide Millennium Painting Competition. It was in London for the International Competition that took place in St. James Palace. All worldwide entries traveled in an exhibition through the year 2000 from London to Brussels, Stockholm, and New York. It was also selected by the United Nations to be used as an image in a series of stamps titled "Our World 2000".

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 Work is currently available at Davis Gallery, Austin, Texas; Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, Taos, New Mexico ; THEARTFOUNDATION, Johnson City ,Texas and CohenReseGallery, San Francisco, California

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Born and raised in the Stephenville, Texas area, Yeates graduated from North Texas State University with a BFA in Drawing and Painting in 1974. After teaching at a private school in Dallas for about a year, Yeates moved to Austin and soon began working at the Armadillo World Headquarters, a music concert hall. Posters promoting shows followed and led to promotional art for Lone Star Beer during the 80's. Through this medium, Yeates' art traveled around the world. Through the years, he has continued to paint and show his work in the San Francisco, Dallas, Austin and Taos areas.

Recent and Upcoming Shows

Wilder Nightingale Fine Arts, Taos N.M. Sept. 23- Oct 23, 2006

Christmas Show, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio Dec 2008

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