Robson Ranch Computer Club

Minutes of the club meeting on October 27, 2004

The meeting was opened by LoRene Akins at 7:30 PM.

Board members in attendance were:

LoRene Akins

Frank Bollinger

Randy Hatcher

LoRene opened the meeting with an explanation of the club by-laws and the reason for the election to take place this evening.

LoRene asked Mike Carline for a report from the Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee received no input from the membership in response to the request for open nominations. The nominating committe decided on 3 individuals based on the criteria of observed interest in the club and its goals.

The members chosen to be placed on the ballot were:

Wally Webber

Barbara Roberts

Frank Ruggiero

Wally Webber, being present, accepted his nomination and was placed on the ballot.

Since there were so few candidates, the nominating committee opened the floor to volunteers.

Lynn Fine volunteered and was placed on the ballot.

Barbara Roberts and Frank Ruggiero were not present and were placed on the ballot anyway.

Given the small group attending and the limited nominations, a quick voice vote was taken and Wally Webber, Lynn Fine and Frank Ruggiero were elected to two-year terms.

They replaced Jim D'Entremont, Frank Bollinger & Jeff DuBoff who had all submitted resignations to make way for new board members effective immediately.

Frank Bollinger was then asked to present a short talk on past accomplishments of the club and future planning.

A brief general discussion and Q&A session was then conducted.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.