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Elida chats 'Nelkum = Newborn Eating, Lowbie Krunching Underwear Merchant'
Vilnius chats 'Nelkum = Not Egoistic, Levellinghelping, Kind, Unknown Man'

Who is Nelkum?

Nelkum is a guy who likes to greet new players, and who likes to cast spells on people. Nelkum is not a mob, he's a player, though he's rarely sitting at the computer. This makes him a bot. Bots operate through triggers, which are programmed responses to things that happen in the game. 

Why doesn't Nelkum answer tells? Probably because no one is there to read them. Nelkum also has many alts, so even when he's at the computer he's often not paying attention to what people are saying.
Nelkum's moment of fame: Interview in the Cry of Despair

And now the views of a bot owner, Nelkum, from an interview done by Conran...

When I first left the Spectral Gates in the hope of someday becoming an avatar, I could hardly imagine that my journey would take more than a year of real time. You see, even toward the end of that year, I was still a newbie in many ways. What I really needed at the beginning was that someone might trans(port) me a clue. I didn't know what effect levelling spells had on levelling until I was almost at level 40. And even then I didn't think much about maximizing my statistics. So here I am, an avatar with a base of 440 hp, and a real chicken when it comes to fighting. Then when I got zMud I thought it would be easier to advance my protegés Nelkus and Nelcus if I could spell them up by means of a few triggers. But they really didn't need for me to stand by their side the whole time, so I picked out a spot just east of Darkhaven Square, and thought I might help others who happened by.

Within minutes I was chased out of town. So the next best location I could find was just outside the Eastern gate.  But the guards kept closing the gate, so I killed them. And that's how I became Darkhaven's Original Drowbot.

When asked why he continues to run a bot, contrary to a widespread opinion of anti-botting, his response...

I can't say that I fully understand the anti-bot position, but I doubt that our opposition are uniform in their opinions.

Some people think there shouldn't be any bots at all, and I would tend to disagree. Some think bots should relegate themselves to places where they will never be seen, which obviously renders them useless. The more reasonable position is that bots should not park themselves in high-traffic areas and should not be excessively spammy. It's hard to define things like "high-traffic areas" and "excessively spammy," but in principle I agree these are things bots should try to avoid. But the controversy has gotten out of hand at times.

His work has not gone without its protests...

I was nearly killed recently by a charmed mob, and I heard that Flareon has been attacked by a player. And there were many times that people deliberately spammed me until I went link-dead. But I have taken measures to circumvent this. And then there are the thwappers and spitters. I've had to learn to look the other way.

Some people say that running a bot ruins the objective of the game. Rather than players seeking aid from a specific classed character, or locating an object that has the ability to cast the desired spell, they seek a bot such as Nelkum.

Really what bots are doing is replacing chat spam and ask spam with room spam, which I think is a huge improvement. And I think most lowbies agree that it's nice to know where you can get a spell when you need it.

And my own situation shows that even someone who doesn't have a clue about how to prepare for being an effective and viable avatar can manage without levelling spells, and the result is exactly what these people complain about.

So why continue to run a bot?

Well initially my intent was to use triggers just to cast spells on my own characters. But then I found that it was actually kind of fun sitting behind this character and notbotting. In my own definition, a bot is a character who functions primarily through triggers. This differs from the textbook definition of a character playing without actually being attended by anyone. But I like to watch what's going on even as the triggers are running. You see, the Realms is a fascinating place. I can't imagine how anyone could be bored here, because I don't get bored even standing in the same place all the time. But mostly I do this because it's helpful, and many people seem to appreciate it.

To those who have complained about the spam created by Nelkum and his bots?

I did explain already that I'm replacing chatspam with roomspam. But I got into a lot of trouble early on because I was botting and I didn't realize that people didn't like the spam I was generating. 

Seemed to me that compared to Darkhaven Square, the Eastern gate was like way out beyond the boonies. So I wanted to advertise a bit. Just about then I discovered that nifty alfalfa trigger, It occurred to me that maybe the people passing by might share some Grey Poupon. I do love my mustard! For me, the alfalfa and the mustard never seemed to get old. But because I was botting, I didn't realize that some people, especially the avatars, had a different opinion. So I thought something more along the lines of "How are you?" would be better.  But recently people have convinced me to do away with social triggers when people enter the room. I guess I did get carried away with that, and I owe apologies to a lot of people. It's number 38 on my to-do list, right after number 37, which is to remember where I put the list.

With so many opposed to the idea of botting what can you say?

Am I destroying the Realms by casting helpful spells? Or am I making the Realms a nicer place? If you hate it, please ignore me. *wipes spit from eyes* But if you need a spell, say Pretty Please.
What does Nelkum look like in real life?



Stoneheft chats 'Avoid drowning by having a bot when crossing water.'
Stoneheft chats 'That would be a boat if I could spell.'
You chat 'Whoa! Stoneheft advertises bots!'
Stoneheft chats 'Have you strangled your Nelkum today?'

Gromnir says to you, 'Put me on you site.'
Gromnir wonders 'Plleeeaase?'
You ask Gromnir, 'In what capacity?'
Gromnir says 'As a quoooote.'
Gromnir exclaims 'Cuz then I'd be famous!'

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