"Unencumbered Sound"
a guide to Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram

Although two of the most compelling and exciting living composers (at least in my opinion), the work of Romanian composers Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram remain largely unknown and underappreciated. I have thus made this web site to provide what little info I know and promote their amazing music. Please email me with any updates, corrections, or additions.

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last update on 26 December 2002

Avram and Dumitrescu have their own website, which details their activities as composers, as members of the Hyperion Esemble and publishers of Edition Modern.


Edition Modern 1017 has just been released, with 3 pieces by ID, and 2 pieces by AMA! The two interviews with AMA and ID, translated from French from their website, are finally finished! Click here to read them.



Dumitrescu's WorksAvram's Worksother's workslabel catalog#
Apogeum, Reliefs, Bas Reliefs, Alternances I-II..Electrocord LP SST-CS 0191
Medium II, Cogito.works by Nemescu, Cazaban and SurianuElectrecord 2LP 10981/82
Medium II, Cogito..Editions RZ LP 1001
Multiple I-III..CBS/Escargot LP ESC 325
Aulodie Mioritica (Gamma), Ursa Mare (Grande Ourse)..Electrecord LP 02720
Aulodie Mioritica (Gamma), Ursa Mare (Grande Ourse)..Editions RZ LP 2001
Movemur et Sumus.works by Nemescu, Niculescu and CezarElectrecord LP 01754
Barryphonie (Alea).works by Popovici and DecoustElectrecord LP ?????
Nimbus, Zenith..Generations Unlimited LP gulp 1005
Monades (Alpha) & (Beta).works by PrescotGenerations Unlimited LP gulp 1006
Medium III, Cogito/Trompe l'Oeil, Aulodie Mioritica, Perspectives au Movemur, Apogeum..Edition Modern CD 1001
Au dela de Movemur, MonadesEkagrata, Eignum Gemini, Zodiaque III. Edition Modern CD 1002
Pierres Sacrées, Harryphonies (alpha), Grande Ourse, Harryphonies (epsilon)..Edition Modern CD 1003
Astrée Lointaine, HolzwegeArchaeAstalos's SymetriesEdition Modern CD 1004
Galaxy, Movemur et Sumus III, Reliefs II, Memorial Alternances, Basoreliefs Symphoniques..Edition Modern CD 1005
A Priori, 5 Implosions, MythosDe Sacrae Lamentationem, Icarus.Edition Modern CD 1006
Mnemosyne, Impulse, Clusterum IQuatre Etudes d'Ombre, Asonant III, Metaboles.Edition Modern CD 1007
Holzwge Kronos, Fluxus, Sirius Kronos Quartet Ikarus II, On the Abolition of the Soul.Edition Modern CD 1008
Ouranos II, Gnosis, Orion I and IISwarms III, Labyrinth I.Edition Modern CD 1009
Meteors & Pulsars, Profondis, OrigoChaosmos, Axe.Edition Modern CD 1010
Meteors & Pulsars IINouvel Axeworks by Cutler and HodgkinsonEdition Modern CD 1011
Etioles Brisees I & IIAnamorphosis, Seconde Axe.Edition Modern CD 1012
Pulses and Universe Reborn, New ZenithNew Archae, Axe.Edition Modern CD 1013
Eon I - Dans un Desordre Absolu, Temps Condenses, Eon IIOrbit of Eternal Grace, Ascent.Edition Modern CD 1014
Oiseaux Celestes, ColossusNew Arcana, Ec-Static Crickets II, "Horridas Nostrae Mentis Purga Tenebras".Edition Modern CD 1015
Soleil Explosant I, New Meteors I, Multiples I (from Escargot LP), Oiseaux Celestes IITraces Sillons Sillages, Doryphones I.Edition Modern CD 1016
Object Sonore Mysterieux I-II, Diachronies III (Op.1b)Telesma II, Apokatastasis.Edition Modern CD 1017
Fluxus 3 (live excerpt).works by othersResonance 6.1 CD
Ouranos I (live excerpt).works by othersBananafish 12 CD
.?works by othersRadio France??? CD
.Axe 2works by othersMusicworks 71 CD
.Ec-static Cricketsworks by othersMusicworks 76 CD
.Etude (I)works by othersBananafish 15 CD

These records can be ordered through Anomolous Records, Sonic Tiger or Forced Exposure in the USA. In Europe, ReR (who have co-released 6 of the Editions Modern CD's) and V2_Archief have these recordings. In Canada, Verge. For recommendations on individual items, I have not been disappointed on any of the pieces I have heard, but I can still vividly remember hearing the solo bass piece Medium for the first time on the Editions RZ LP.


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Iancu Dumitrescu / Ana-Maria Avram
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