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Well, Hello there!

I say "I am a Texan! What do you think?"  Now why would I say that when my birth certificate is from Ohio?

Well, let me explain. See this postcard to your left and the one below. That is the beginning of this story.

My father received this card September 8, 1908 when he was 18 years old. He passed away some time ago but the question remains. And we are going to allow you to help me solve the puzzle. This will take some time so pull up a chair and let's visit. This was the beginning of the journey to Texas to join a friend and leave the farm and go to work in the oil field. At that age it is an excuse to leave home and learn something new.

Burkburnett Texas was one of the first stops. Chann Rubel took this photograph that was in Dad's collection.

 He was no doubt working here and was ready for some companionship. It has been some years since that original post card came from Texas. This was my first evidence of action on the part of Dad. But I am going to tell you what I know.

1919 Burkburnett Texas. Third from left, Dad was standing next to the boss. Does that look like an oil field crew? Dad was a tool dresser. You can tell the boss. Just look at those high top boots.

 Chann is sitting on the running board of his automobile while his wife is behind the steering wheel. This is before my time so I can't tell the name of that automobile. It looks cool; in more ways than one.  My father told many tales about Chann but it's been too long for me to bore you with the details. They were good buddies for many years.