When Matiss is in Austin, he joins Steve in juggling at Mangia Chicago Stuffed Pizza. These photos were taken in August, 1998. Thanks to Bon and John for the digital camera work.

Back crossesJuggling back crosses in front of the bar. No broken bottles!

That's a zillaBalancing a Mangiazilla... that's similar to Godzilla, but with pizza slices as the sharp scales on its back.

Face trick Whoa, there!
They call this the face trick -- Steve has just tossed the club from one hand to the other, right in front of Matiss' face, and is about to place it into Matiss' hand. A trebla, Matiss says, is albert spelled backwards -- Steve has just tossed Matiss a club between his legs. They're doing treblas.

Crown of clubsThat's club-head... not pin-head!

Double juggleDouble your juggling fun! Clubs and balls at the same time -- but Matiss' club has just knocked one of Steve's balls to the floor.

Passig clubs Passing knives and clubs
Passing clubs They didn't tell the waitress it was to be clubs and KNIVES.