Our Window Spider

The biggest garden spider I've ever seen has taken up residence outside our kitchen window. She spun her orb web from one side of the window opening to the other, all the way across that window, about 2 1/2 feet. Including her legs, she's at least 3 inches long, and her body by itself is a full inch or a little more.

It was cloudy when George came by with his digital camera, so the pictures don't show how bright the orange part of her legs is. They almost glow when the sun shines on them, or through them.

spider underside

Here she is, from underneath. The photo was taken outdoors. Ferris held a black binder behind the spider and web, between it and the kitchen window, to cut the glare and reflections.
This is a close-up shot of her underside. Ferris was holding a purple folder behind the web. close-up

side view

George almost put his camera into the web to get this side view.
Here's our view of her, from the kitchen table... I can watch her while I eat breakfast. The horizontal smudge lines at top and middle are the mini-blinds between the glass panes in the window. from the kitchen


Ferris again held the purple folder behind the spider, so George could get a clear close-up, without backlight, from the kitchen.

Photos courtesy of George Wyche.